Black GAA Gloves


Features in a Gaelic Game

  • Grip – Our GAA gloves prevent hand saturation while it is raining. This increases the coefficient of friction compared to open hand and allows for a higher percentage of catch rate.
  • Comfort – A player shouldn’t have to worry about anything else but the game while playing. The ability to remove any distractions is pivotal in optimising a players performance. Our gloves are designed to remove any potential faults during a game, giving the player complete focus.
  • Confidence – Players using our gloves know they can rely on them throughout the game. The high quality of material and the intended design is optimised to ensure there are no issues.
  • Catching – The introduction of the mark has increased the need for a player to be able to field a ball well. Our gloves are designed to increase the catch rate during poor conditions. This increased catch rate, can be the make or break in a game. We take pride in the benefits it provides players with.

Great Grip Gloves