Black Kids Tutorial Gloves


Features in a Gaelic Game

  • Grip – Our GAA gloves prevent hand saturation while it is raining. This increases the coefficient of friction compared to open hand and allows for a higher percentage of catch rate.
  • Catching – The unique pattern on the back hand of the glove will create a “W” when put together. This “W” is the desired technique by the GAA, and is taught to coaches when getting their coaching licenses.
  • Confidence – Young players often struggle with fundamental skills. With these gloves, young players can be confident in their abilities and that they are using the correct technique. This increase in confidence is directly linked to player progression, as they look to develop more difficult skills from an earlier age.
  • Hand Passing – The palm of the gloves are colour coordinated for the correct method of hand passing. The fingertips are coloured white, against the black palm. The inspiration for the design was from the GAA and their coaching guides.

Great Grip Gloves