Reaction Balls


    Benefits of Reaction Balls

    • Decision Making – The speed of decision making is directly associated to reaction times. The ability to rapidly respond to quick adjustments is where the round edges off the balls come in. The unpredictability and skill to swiftly adjust is hugely important to all sports.
    • Agility¬†– The balls can be used against a wall to increase the footwork of players. The ability to move in the lateral direction and to secure the ball safely is directly associated with increased footwork rate.
    • Hand-Eye Coordination – Coordination between the hand and eye is extremely important. The ability to understand depth and how far or close away an object is, is extremely important to catch a ball.
    • Size¬†– The size of the ball is 6cms. We have specifically made them smaller than normal. The smaller the ball is, the harder it is to catch. This betters hand-eye coordination than a normal sized reaction ball.