Great Grip White Original


Features in a Gaelic Game

  • Grip – With an increased catch rate of 20-30%, these gloves are great for fielding balls.
  • Mark – Introduction of the mark has adjusted the game of Gaelic Football dramatically. It has really emphasised the necessity to catch a clean high ball and has shown how overlooked the skill of catching has been in recent years. Possession retention, free kicks from easy angles and winning kickouts are all areas where you’ll thrive with these gloves.
  • Confidence – Players who struggle with being confident on the field will love these gloves. The fear of dropping an incoming ball after making the perfect run will be behind you.
  • Driving Forward – They provide an extremely necessary control of the ball while driving at opposition players. The extra grip players receive while wearing the gloves will ensure that the ball isn’t dispossessed easily while taking on an opponent.
  • Sweat – These light gloves are made for summer. They provide a layer of material over the palm that prevents from sweat being the point of contact with the ball. Like anti sweat grip for tennis players, this is our answer to the major problem.


Great Grip Gloves